Alex Astort-Fabra


Doble Nacionalidad
US/EU Valid Passports.
Idiomas. Inglés, Castellano, Catalán


Actualmente Emmerson College Boston, MA
Musical Theatre Broadway Bound Seattle.Classical Violin (8 years)
Drama Major Laguardia HS Laguardia High School (NY
Private Coaching.Jazz/Ensemble
BYMP.On Camera
One on One.On Camera II
One on One.Film & TV I The Barrow Group
Film & TV II.The Barrow Group
Scene Study. The Barrow Group
Process Drama Workshop NYU
Drama Major Laguardia HS
Laguardia High School (NY)

-See you on Venus Dir.Joaquin Llamas Sun Films productions
-Beer and Candy Dir Lucas Sachs,Samuel Gordon
-The Grand March Dir Jacob Rosenbaum,
-The Great Love Rosemary Dir. Lorrel Manning


-Da Hot Dog Dir.Andrew Kramer


-Women In Jeopardy John Davidson, Dir./ LaG HS MacBeth
-Eric Young, Dir./LaG HS Glengarry Glen Ross
-Eric Young, Dir./LaG HS Lifeboat

-Mala Tsantilas, Dir./LaG HS Gruesome Playground

-Mala Tsantilas, Dir./LaG HS

-The Twelfth Night John McEneny, Dir. The Boy In The Iron Mask –    John McEneny, Dir.Fresh Meat

-H. Zaman, Dir./Man. Rep. Oliver Twist

-Broadway Bound Seattl

Strong improv, good comedic timing, athlete: excels at cooking, equestrian horse, snowboarding, soccer, juggling, singing, violin

20 años trabajando mano a mano con actores